LIS 57 Study Summary

These tables summarize the measurements reported to the QA-SAC for the 57th Laboratory Intercomparison Study. A total of 77 laboratories reported measurements. Some measurements were missing or below the analytical detection limit (DL). N designates the number of reported values above the DL. Target values were provided by the reference laboratory. At the center of each set of N measurements is the Median or accepted target value of the set. Sigmas were estimated from the interquartile ranges and can be used to calculate Z-values. Half of the N measurements are within the 25th to 75th percentiles, which defines the range of Good measurements. Satisfactory measurements fall within the range defined by the Median ± Sigma. The limits for a measurement that Meets Data Quality Objectives are defined on page 4 of the Manual for the GAW Precipitation Chemistry Programme.


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