Samples for the 58th Inter-laboratory Comparison Study (LIS 58) were mailed between 29 and 31 May. Open the package promptly when it arrives and send a message to to confirm the arrival. Make special note of leakage or damage to any of the three samples, if present.

Please report your measurements to the QA/SAC at your earliest opportunity but not later than 6 July 2018.

Use one of these options to report your results.

(Option 1 – RECOMMENDED) For labs that have completed the initial Lab Log In and set a password, results can be entered directly on the QA/ SAC web site. See, for a demonstration on how to enter your measurements on-line.

    1. Begin by clicking Lab Manager Login in the lower left corner of the Home Page.
    2. Enter your 6-digit lab number and password in the spaces provided and click Log in.
    3. First, check your laboratory information. Enter updates and corrections, as needed and click Confirm.
    4. Follow the instructions to enter and verify your LIS 58 measurements for sample 1 and click Save Sample. Repeat for samples 2 and 3.
    5. Click Submit Finished Set to save your entries.
    6. End by clicking Logout in the upper left corner of the page.
    7. You will receive an e-mail that lists your entries, as well as a table listing the LIS 58 target values provided by the reference laboratory.

(Option 2) Use the data entry form, an Excel file titled LIS58ReportForm. Instructions are included on the form. Enter your measurements and other information in the file, then save the file and e-mail it as an attachment to You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your results.