Inter-laboratory Comparison Study 58 (LIS 58) has been completed and results are posted under the Study Results tab. 73 laboratories participated in this study and nearly 3/4 of the reports were entered directly on-line.

LIS 58 results are available in four different formats:

(1)The Study Summary presents a table that lists a summary of statistics based on measurements from the 73 participants. All measurements, but those reported as missing or detection limit, are included in the statistical calculations.

(2) Ring Diagrams depict a dodecahedron for each sample. Each side of the figure presents a measure of performance for each of the 12 possible measurements for each sample. Ring diagrams are described under the Ring Diagrams tab.

(3) Numerical measurements are listed in HTML format for all three samples for each LIS 58 participant under Study Data HTML. This presentation includes a Z-value for each measurement, as well as a ring diagram for each set of sample measurements. Z-values are calculated as follows: (Measurement - Median) / Sigma, using the Median and Sigma reported in the Study Summary .

(4) Data are in "comma-separated-value" format under Study Data CSV. Data in this format can be loaded directly into a spreadsheet.

Thank you to all LIS 58 participants. The next study (LIS 59) is being planned for October 2018.

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